The State of Design in Mexico

The architecture and interior design play an important role for the adequacy of the spaces that are attractive to the eye, causing pleasure and comfort for their aesthetics residents of large contemporary cities, where infrastructure is predominantly for economic development and tourism.

Mexican designer Jorge Torres, with more than 30 years of experience is a demonstration of design since the era of internet. His work becomes more critical when adapting spaces, forcing greater innovation taking into account the monetary accessibility: “it is important how through services offered by public spaces, people take to the streets, an environment is created around a couple of blocks as a small colony, have close coffee, yoga, library, or a playroom for children. ”

The professor also was in Guadalajara to visit a couple of works that has the architect Beatriz Jimenez, in addition to analyzing various invitation works. Her signature which basically works in collaboration with architects’ offices has worked in interior design and real estate design: “Basically, what we do is integrate architecture to give added value to the user.” Now that analyzes residential projects, realizes that there is an interesting process of contemporary changes: “The city begins to diversify again in housing apartment buildings, because if not it would continue to grow outside and becomes too very complex. This part of resume spaces that somehow generate areas were abandoned; Colonia visited the Americas and there is a phenomenon of restaurants, people want to go out, go to yoga. ”

Torres highlights that in order to bring services to citizens is to think about connectivity and micro businesses that can take shape, so that they do not have to find out what they can get in their own space: “It seize the infrastructure that Guadalajara has, because the scale has yet to walk it. ”  His most famous designs are in the boutique hotel; LA FE Hotel and Arts.

Emerging talent

From his perspective, Mexico is a country that has had sustained growth because despite the various crises that have lived abroad, the demand of the most important cities remains.

Torres details that opportunities exist for young people who want to do the design profession in its different branches, such as interior, industrial and graphic, because everything is in being entrepreneurs, so that at the end of their university studies believe their own company and become managers of it: “in universities there is a huge talent, today turn out better, before it was more difficult, people did not understand what was the design, and we have evolved.”

PROFILE Jorge Torres

Born in Mexico City in 1957.  He began his career at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, with a degree in Industrial Design. He was awarded a scholarship from the Western Washington University in Washington State, to continue his studies Specialization in Industrial Design. He supplemented his studies in design with a master’s degree in architecture and other large-scale environments Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, where he earned his doctorate in architectural projects, as well as a specialization in modern forms.

A constant evolution

Jorge Torres, who has carried out projects in Mexico and the United States shares that the main task of his office is the process of designing from the inside out and, therefore, it is important communication with the architect, who is in charge of the exterior, the “shell”; so, the union of these key areas makes the work given to the customer is of better quality and effectiveness, because as he says, the public is now more critical and demanding.

“People generally have more information now and this is given by the global communication in the world. Today we have access to the internet without having visited a country or have the access to all this information a hotel. People are aware that we live better and that has created that designers and architects pay more attention to detail and who hire interior design firms like us. As it grows the volume of demand can have better prices, the integration of interior design to architecture comes to demand it. ”

It notes that 30 years ago this phenomenon came through the times themselves and communication tools were developed, so that people could not find design functionality, but today its so important because there lies a zone to be successful, and that just one click to recognize if there is a cinema, cafe, restaurants, dry cleaners, if the roads are well maintained and other key points that make a couple, a family or an individual chooses to live in that environment: “the design the world sells, people dress design, car, glass and obviously this makes people decide. ”


“The design in the world sells, people dress design, car, lenses and obviously this makes people report”

“In universities [where design is studied] there is a huge talent, today we produce better talent, before it was more difficult, people did not understand what was the design, but it has evolved”

Jorge Torres, interior designer.

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Tips for Making a Purple Martin House

Martins are birds that can help scare off those unwanted and less desirable birds within your yards while at the same time helping to reduce the insect population that may damage your produce, flowers, or plants. Many people love to listen to the songs of purple martin birds and watch the aerial acrobatics they display. It is amazing to see the fledglings emerging from the nests. When you want to build a purple martin house, you will need to create sufficient rooms for them. These birds like enjoying a high perch and plenty of nesting material. In case, you want to build your own martin house, here are some steps to help guide you:

Locating the House

Martins will not nest in houses that are built near the ground or close to a tall tree and near a home. Therefore, you will need to set the site properly. The house needs to be about 40 feet minimum from a house or trees, and about 20 feet high.

Create Several Nesting Pairs

When building the Martin house, ensure it consists of several nesting compartments, which are separated from one another with access holes of these birds, and porches where they can perch on. You will need to have a gabled roof. In case, you will want to accommodate more birds, you may choose to have multiple levels of the house.

Cut Wood for Floor

The wood for the floor of a purple martin house should be cut in a way that it extends past the exterior walls by about 3 inches. This should be on all sides. When you cut the wood this way, you help create porches. Alternatively, you may want to attach porches by using 3-inch strips of wood.

Build Nesting Compartments

Using partitions, you can create the nesting compartments. Ensure each space has about 6 inches of height and 9 to 12 inches in either the width or depth.

Create Semicircular Entrance Holes

The crescent shape holes should be about 3 inches wide and about 1.25 inches in height. To discourage owls and starlings from attacking the nest, the crescent-shaped openings are the best as well as the deep 9 to 12 inches in internal compartment space.

Create Airflow Space

You can drill small holes within the attic of the roofing portion of Martin house so as to encourage the flow of air. And, to prevent the house from becoming too hot, use a thick piece of corrugated cardboard or polystyrene fitted inside the attic.

Build the Roof

The roofing of the martin house should extend past the exterior walls so that it helps in shielding the access holes from elements like rain while giving the birds some shade.

House Assembly

When assembling the house, keep in mind that, you’ll need to be able to access the individual nest compartments in order to check the health of the nest as well as to remove unwanted debris and droppings. Paint the housing using a white paint. You should never paint dark colors.

After you are finished with the painting, you can now mount the house on a pole made of metal that is properly set in concrete. In case, you want to raise and lower the house, you can add some winch and pulley system. The house should be raised to a standard height of between 12 and 15 feet.

Make Your Own Hummingbird Food

There are a lot of different flowers and plants that hummingbirds enjoy. In order to attract them to your area, you can start by planting various flowers and plants such as hollyhock, impatiens, trumpet honeysuckle, hibiscus, bee balm, fuschia, phlox and clematis. However, if you are not that much of a green thumb or you have a collection of these plants and you are still not noticing any hummingbirds, you can hang a feeder outdoors. Not only is this a nice way to enjoy them, but you also have options when it comes to making your own special nectar for the birds. You can also check in with our friends over at Wild Bird Store Online blog for bird feeders for hummers and other various wild bird products.

Of course, you will find different products on the market for feeding hummingbirds. These different nectars for feeding will often range in price from moderate to expensive. However, a lot of them are made with artificial colors that are just not necessary. You can make your own syrups or nectars from a simple recipe and then you can store it easily in your refrigerator until you are ready to use it.

The first step is boiling the water and then adding sugar. For measuring, all you have to do is use a ratio of 1/4 cup sugar for every cup of water. A good amount to make at once is roughly about four cups, but just be sure that you have a clean container with a tight lid that you can use for storing the rest in your refrigerator. After the water is boiled and the sugar melts completely, let the mixture cool and then add to your hummingbird feeder and storage containers.

Here is a nice video on how to prepare the nectar:

Never add anything such as artificial sweetener, as there is no nutritional value. You should also never add honey, as you run the risk of the mixture fermenting. Stay clear of food colorings as well as they are not necessary and also not good for the tiny creatures. You are ready to use your hummingbird food, so be sure that you sit back and get ready for viewing. Over the next couple of days, you should start to notice the hungry birds flitting up to your feeder to enjoy the homemade nectar.

It is very important that you keep your feeder nice and clean, with a good rule of thumb being about once per week. However, if you notice that the water starts to become cloudy, you should clean it immediately. Besides using hot water to clean your feeder, you can add in a bit of white vinegar for rinsing. For an overly dirty feeder, you can also add a few grains of dried rice and swirl to help get the inside of it nice and clean.

Sometimes, when there is a lot of heat and humidity, a bit of mold can develop in the feeder. You will want to then take your feeder down and use a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water and soak, followed by scrubbing any nooks and crevices. Once it is clean, rinse it several times thoroughly to be sure that the bleach is gone and then refill with hummingbird food and hang outdoors.

Hummingbird Feeder Recipe

There are few birds more beautiful and fun to watch than a hummingbird. Something about the way they’re able to flap their wings so quickly, simply floating in mid-air, is nearly hypnotizing. As such, it’s no wonder that so many people are keen on the idea of setting up a hummingbird feeder in their yard. If you live in an area where hummingbirds are frequent, why not set up a little spot in your yard for them to flit about and eat?

beautiful hummingbird
violet sabrewing hummer

credit: Larry

When you have a feeder for hummingbirds, you need to fill it with sugary liquid for them to eat. There are some places you can purchase pre-mix liquids, and by and large those are decent enough. However, they can get a bit expensive, and some of them are loaded up with chemicals that, while not exactly harmful to hummingbirds, may not be the most healthy. Because of this, many people have found it beneficial to create their own hummer recipe.

How To Make Your Own Hummingbird Nectar

One of the most basic recipes is nothing more than sugar and water. You can make it by mixing one part of sugar along with four parts of water. That is to say, if you use one cup of sugar, then you mix the sugar in four cups of water. Once you’ve done that, boil the water in order to reduce it a bit, as well as kill off any bacteria that may be in the water.

Whatever you do, do not use artificial sweeteners! Hummingbirds use flower nectar in order to get quick fuel to keep their metabolism up. The proteins and vitamins they need are obtained through eating soft-bodied bugs. Because of this, hummingbirds need actual sugar, which contains sucrose.

Some people claim that processed cane sugar is harmful to hummingbirds, but that’s not true at all. In point of fact, hummingbirds can actually tell the difference between fructose and sucrose, and will often reject fructose altogether. You also want to avoid using raw sugar. The raw sugar that’s sold in the United States tends to be high in iron. While hummingbirds do need iron, it occurs somewhat rarely in their natural diets. Thus, their bodies tend to hold onto iron quite strongly. This means that using raw sugar might wind up causing iron poisoning, which could prove to be lethal.

Lastly, make sure not to fill up the feeder with more than about three days’ worth of nectar. Hummingbirds don’t eat much, after all. Filling the feeder to the brim will simply result in the nectar going bad, and that will wind up chasing off the hummingbirds.

Ultimately, feeding a hummingbird is simple and straight forward. Use plain, white table sugar and water from the tap. There’s no reason to get fancy or look for vitamin rich nectars. Hummingbirds don’t need those things, at least not from their nectar. All they need from nectar is liquid sucrose, and so there’s no reason to go out of your way to provide anything else.There are few birds more beautiful and fun to watch than a hummingbird. Something about the way they’re able to flap their wings so quickly, simply floating in mid-air, is nearly hypnotizing. As such, it’s no wonder that so many people are keen on the idea of setting up a hummingbird feeder in their yard. If you live in an area where hummingbirds are frequent, why not set up a little spot in your yard for them to flit about and eat?

What You Should Know About Purple Martin Migration

Purple Martins breed in the United States and Canada and spend their winters far away in Brazil. Sounds like a pretty good gig! A lot of people have witnessed purple martin migration in these places. Martins demonstrate an abnormal state of site devotion and just switch rearing destinations on the off chance that they encountered conceptive disappointment the past season, or if their colony site has decayed, been taken over by competing birds or if there was a predator attack in previous breeding seasons. Amid relocation, adult Martins will utilize housing as provisional “motels”, yet it’s unrealistic to expect a permanent stay. Along these lines, unless you have a dynamic site yourself, or there are dynamic colony destinations inside of one mile of you, don’t open your housing up until around 4 weeks after the dates on this guide; you’ll simply draw in home site contenders.  Our friends over at Wild Bird Store Online  have a YouTube Channel discussing purple martin gourds and houses.   They’ve been a great resource to us so we’re happy to send them business.

looking for food
Purple Martin watching

There are now in existence three sub-species of Martins. To the East of the Rocky Mountains, we find Progne subis settling today almost exclusively in houses and gourds. Homes in natural cavities are to a great degree uncommon. West of the Rocky Mountains, Martins have distinctive settling propensities. In the Pacific Northwest, progne subis arboricola still homes normally, furthermore uses bunches of single boxes and gourds to nest in. Neither they nor southwestern Martins home in the multi-level apartment style homes. In the southwestern states, the progne subis hesperia species homes in old woodpecker depressions in saguaro cactuses.

The following are the arrival dates and migration routes for purple martin migration.

The timing of the Purple Martins’ northward progress matches with the warming temperatures that support the rise of flying insects, their sustenance source. Martins take no less than three unique pathways northward from South America: Some are circum-Gulf transients, going around the Gulf of Mexico through Mexico. Others are trans-Gulf transients, making the 600-mile water crossing from the Yucatan promontory to Louisiana. Others bounce the Carribean Islands to Florida. In view of the February first entry line, the island-bouncing course is most limited, the trans-Gulf course the shortest and the circum-Gulf course the longest.

Timing: Most ‘would-be’ martin landowners hurry to get their martin housing opened up for the entry of the first “scouts” in their specific region. As expressed, this is 4-6 weeks too soon for new locales and reduces chances for achievement. As opposed to legends, “scouts” are not searching for new breeding locales for their flocks. “Scouts” are basically the first martins to touch base in, or go through, a zone on their way back to the last year’s home destinations. Scouts aren’t prone to change their housing to new destinations.

On the off chance that Martins don’t locate and occupy your housing immediately, don’t give up. The birds can arrive, create nests, and start to lay eggs well into late June. What’s more, DO NOT shut or cover your housing in the event that you neglect to attract a colony. Youngster martins meander in July and August searching for potential breeding destinations where they will return and home the accompanying summer, so housing at new locales ought to be kept transparent for home site contenders until the end of August. After August, housing ought to be covered or sealed to prevent starlings or sparrows from taking over the house.

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